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Pescetarian circa 2010.
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Cause that’s how crazy I am for you / you’ve got me eating Tofurkey and beets


So goes the old (2012) adage (original song) of a man (Lenny) torn by his love of meat and love of a vegetarian (me!). :)

I decided to surprise Lenny for our 27th monthversary, which technically never happened in February because our anniversary is on the 30th. No matter. 

On Sunday afternoon I had waiting for him a spread of Tofurkey pizza and beet salad. Both turned out better than I’d thought, and I was able to whip everything together in less than an hour!

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So I guess this means I can go back to eating meat after 65!

Also, is it just me, or is it disconcerting to see the word “mortality” splayed out in an article about food?

I’m all for efficiency, but this system seems to mirror anti-union tactics and also encourages doing whatever it takes to make fatter chickens…

The Science Of Munchies: Why The Scent Of A Burger Gives Us A High : The Salt : NPR

Beer and coffee to yo brain.

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Another birthday’s come and gone, and I hope I’m 365 days stronger, smarter, and better :)

This year, I celebrated my day of birth by inviting friends over to help break-in my new panini maker (received this Christmas from the San Joses!). It was a great “quirky” success, and I think everyone enjoyed the democratization of their meals—the choice was theirs!


Below is a list of ingredients we had on-hand (*highly recommended), an awesome recipe sourced from Just a Taste, and other suggestions that I’ve yet to try. Enjoy!

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